Sunday, February 20, 2011

11 Months Old...

Wow...Where have these past 11 Months gone?
I can't believe in one month from today,
Our Princess will be turning

I remember when Makenzie was this little....
Let me remind you she was 7 lbs 9 oz 20 inches long when she was born,
and she was only a week old here!

and Now she is this BIG...
Yes, She is pushing that all by herself! I'm really not sure how much she weighs now,
but I'm going to guess she weighs about 28 lbs and probably 35 inches tall..

Makenzie sure has changed in the last month,
Lets take a look at how she has changed...
*Talking up a storm
*Eating Big People Foods
*Sleeping through the night
*Slippy Cup Baby
*Sooo Close to walking
*Maintaining her weight, still in clothes that are 12-18 months

What does Makenzie LOVE?
*loves the OUTDOORS
*loves ANIMALS
*Loves MUSIC
*Loves to DANCE
*Loves to be TICKLED

All in all she is definitely LOVING life!!
She sure does bring joy to her mommy and daddy every day!

This past month, I have realized that Our Little Princess is growing up! Its a very bitter but sweet moment for Chris and I. We want her to grow and explore everything, but we want her to be little forever! She is becoming a beautiful little girl and really fun to be around.

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