Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Big Plan's for Valentine's Day!!

Hope everyone has an AMAZING Valentine's Day!!This year is my year to plan Valentine's Day....Chris and I switch off every year on planning this special day, and this year it happened to land on me. I'm super excited and I can't wait until MONDAY!! I really wish it would get here already!! =)

But anyways...This is what I did for my amazing hubby!!

I made him a book called "30 Reasons Why I Love You"I made him a basket of goodies....*His favorite gum he chews at work
* Homemade Chocolate
*Homemade Cupcakes
* Lollipops
*Three Cards...
(from Makenzie, Kayden, and I made him a homemade card)
I made him a "Valentine's Day Clue's"
* Basically what I did was kinda make a scavenger hunt...
if that's what you want to call it!! lol!
Can you guess the clues?
Rules...It seems its been too long, We've been stuck in this place, lets take a drive and discover a new tast. Before we begin, there are rules you must abide, No fighting, No phone, I'll drive, You'll guide. Holding hands is a must, I know its hard to do, but this is going to be soo much fun, I promise you! So go to the car, I'll meet you outside!!
First Stop...Breakfast...Go to the place where they have yummy omelets
and its the house of eggs!Second Stop...Lets travel to the place we went after you landed you biggest catch!Third Stop...Now off we go where kids frolic and play to enjoy this beautiful day!
Fourth Stop...It may be cheesy, but it's where we had our first Valentine's date.
I know you love cake, so lets go to this place!Fifth Stop...You can see the city lights from this bird's eye view...
But I won't go up unless it's with you!Now that we've had our day full of fun. I'm sorry to say we are just about done.
Lets head home and try to wind down. Maybe pop in a movie, how does that sound?
I'm really excited to see how Chris reacts to everything that I have done for him! If you are curious where I got my idea's but yet kinda changed them into my own! Check this website out, this is where I get all my idea's for cute little date nights...And its not just for girls either guys there is a section for you as well! =)
But here is the website!
The Dating Divas!

Until next time,
Thats the Big' News from the Lil' Gerhardts

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