Tuesday, February 8, 2011

28 Weeks Prego...

The OBGYN visit today reminded me of the famous poem on the Statue of Liberty, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."

Today, my body was tired, my checkbook was feeling poor from the anticipated pregnancy care bill, and my huddled masses (two hearts) were yearning to breathe free from the stress of the answers to my worry-riddled questions...

The visit was quick, as we settled into the doctor's office and payed the remaining principle on our pregnancy care bill. We only had to wait less than 30 minutes before the Dr was in our patient room giving us the results of the glucose blood test and answering my questions about the shooting pain in my pubic bone, the frequent bloody right nostril, and the prolonged pain of a dull knife in my tailbone.

At first the nurse told me I failed the blood test and would need further testing regarding my blood sugar levels... lol... my immediate emotion could be best described as, "oh no you didnt..." I was angry because during Makenzie's pregnancy I had also 'failed' the glucose blood test and had to 'undergo' quite the elaborate blood test, specialists, and therapists... well maybe not the therapists, but you know... We got the secondary glucose test results back over one month later with the Dr telling us, "now that I look at the first blood results, you should not have done the second blood test, because although close to failing, you didnt fail the first test."

So you can imagine the, "oh no you didnt" reaction I had. I immediately told the nurse to show me the test results and show me where I failed... Less than 5 minutes later, I was recalled into the patient room and assured by the nurse that she was wrong and I had passed the test!!!

Moments later, the Dr came into the room, as pleasant as always. He measured the ol' belly which was describe as 'perfect' in its size (I think he tells all the girls that). We then got to hear what we always go there for; the precious pitter-patter of the heartbeat of our lil' man.

I then asked the Dr what the bleeding nose was about, what the pain in the pubic bone was about, and what the tailbone/sciatica discomfort was about. Dr said the bleeding nose is common due to the capillaries and blood vessels expanding and often popping causing nose bleeds. Dr said the pubic bone pain could be compared to (thanks to the help of Chris) tectonic plates shifting in the earth's crust and what I felt could be best compared to an earthquake as my pubic bones are shifting to prepare for labor. Dr said the tailbone/sciatica discomfort was 'par for the course' but re-referred me to a Chiropractic specialist named Dr. Leach who works off St Rose/Paseo Verde in Henderson who specializes in nerve release care. Within 10 minutes of leaving the OBGYN the office called and had an appointment scheduled in two days!

To say the least, I entered the appointment feeling tired, poor, and unable to breath but left with renewed energy, wealth (of reassurance), and a full set of lungs. After all, isnt that what we look to get from Dr's?

A special thanks goes out to Daniel and Lyndsey Medrano for a wonderful lunch at Sweet Tomatoes and for watching Makenzie as we went to the OBGYN... later attempted to fix our cell phones!!! I hope they enjoyed the Caribou coffee and Krispy Creme doughnuts we brought them (too bad their dog ate them as they helped us to our car), lol...

On another note, from one sister to another, I hope you, Britt, feel better as you battle Bronchitis!!! I know its going to be difficult, but try not to talk :) Makenzie (who clearly has the prettiest-er face) will get to play with you when you are feeling MUCH better!!!

Until next time,
Thats the Big' News from the Lil' Gerhardts

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