Thursday, September 9, 2010

War with the Cats...

Chris is at war with our cats right now...I personally think its kind of funny. The reason he is at war with the cats is they keep sneaking into Makenzie's room under the cover of darkness and pee on anything that she plays with e.g., clothes, favorite blanket, favorite toys, etc.
So Chris built this wall in Makenzie's door frame by getting the tallest pet gate he could find and using industrial strength cardboard to add another foot... thinking that they wont be able to jump over it. Its about 51' tall. Well guess what they can jump over it. Here is a video of their big jump...


  1. Wow--those are some agile cats! This may be a really stupid question, but couldn't you just close the door and use a baby monitor?

  2. Oh man they can jump. Loved hearing the happy noises from the little princess

  3. Adventuremama~ Yes we do shut the door when we arent home now. This when they go in there the most when we are not home! :(


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