Thursday, September 2, 2010

TwO yEaRs...

On August 30, 2008; Chris and I met at an UNLV Football game. That was the best day of my life, when I met him I knew right away he would be my husband one day. Although he asked hundreds and hundreds of questions that! After the football game, we all went to the bowling ally, and of course I won...

On August 30,2009; Chris and I celebrated our One year anniversary. We both took the day off from work to celebrate this amazing day. To start our day off, we went to church, which is what we did every Sunday morning. Once the service at church was over, we went to breakfast and this is when Chris told me about my surprised that he had planned for me. He explained that I need 3 different outfits, my hair need to be done, and I needed makeup. So I said "okay but what are we doing?" and that is when he explained that we are getting our picture's taken. Ive been wanting to do this for the longest time and we are finally doing. I was super excited!! When we got home, I called my sister and asked her if she would be able to do my hair all pretty, and of course Chris called her a few weeks ago and planned all this out... lol! So once I got back home from having my sister do my hair. I got dressed and ready to go to the mall for our photo shoot.

When we got to the mall for the photo shoot, we took pictures for about 45 minutes in two different outfits. We got our finally outfits on, and I was told not to leave the room. I was wondering on what was going on, but once Chris and the photographer came back in the room, and we started taking pictures. We were taking a picture that we both were sitting down and all of sudden music started playing, and to top it off it was Chris and mines song; Then by Brad Paisley. Then my friend Christian , Sister, her boyfriend Joe, My Mom and Step Dad, Step Mom and Dad, and then Chris's Parents Brad and Nyla all walked in. I was really confused why they were all there.

All of sudden Chris was down on one knee getting ready to purpose to me.

and of course I said YES!!!

This was the way we celebrated our one year anniversary.

Throughout the next year together,

we got married on October 15,2009

Bought our Condo in Henderson, NV

Bought Lake Property in Minnesota

We had our baby girl on March 20,2010

We had our Wedding on May 30,2010

I started school again, and Chris switch shifts

On August 30,2010.. We went out to dinner with some great friends. We went to the Cheesecake Factory, and then went bowling.

All in all, Ive had the most amazing two years of my life with My husband. We have made many memories together, and I can not wait to make many more with him and our lil family.

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