Thursday, September 2, 2010

GoInG pUbLiC....

Chris and I have been talking about having another baby for the past couple of months. We decided that we would want our children to be really close in age. So we started trying when Makenzie turn 4 months old. I'm sure that you hear that when a couple try for a baby, it takes months and maybe even years. We were trying for about a week and I got pregnant. About two weeks later I started getting this sharp pain in my abdomen on the lower left side. I didn't really think anything of it until my chest started becoming very sensitive and painful to the the touch. I dealt with this pain for about a week and a half to two weeks and I finally called the OBGYN to schedule an appointment.

They had me take a urine test, which came out negative and I told my Dr that the urine test never worked for me in the past. So I requested we take a blood test. At first he did not believe me, but he scheduled my blood work anyways. He also wanted me to have an ultra sounds, as well. A week later, I went back to the Dr's for my result. My numbers were at 47 (HGC) where a 50 indicates you just got pregnant, so my Dr. wanted me to take two more blood tests because those numbers did not explain my pain or past medical history. So that friday, I went and got my blood drawn and then that Sunday I did as well. Then on Monday, I went in and got my results. The test I took on Friday for HGC was at 3500 (it should increase x2 every 48 hours) and my results from Sunday were at a 7800-8000. So basically my numbers went up 35x faster than they were suppose to.

So after sitting and talking to my Dr; I went and did an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay with me and the baby because he believed I may be having multiple births (twins, triplets, etc) would explain the increase in HGC levels. We did find one sac and the ultrasound tech said that I'm about five weeks along. My due date is May 2nd, 2011, which means Makenzie will be 13 months older than her brother or sister...or brother and sister, etc!! Crazy I know!! LoL!

When Chris and I got the news, we were super excited. We could not stop smiling!!

Five Weeks Pregnant brings on the fun stuff....I never experienced any of the following symptoms before when I was pregnant with Makenzie:

~Morning Sickness

~Anything I eat I feel nauseous

~Afternoon Sickness

~So tired

~Not have the desire to eat anything

The baby size measures about 1/20 inch (1.25 mm) The baby is about the size of a seasame seed!

During this week the baby's development is:

~Round mass of cells has begun to elongate and a head and tail are no distinguishable.

~Central Nervous System begins to develop

~ Brain and Spinal Cord start to form

~Liver and Kidney are beginning to develop

~Muscle and Bone are in the early stages of development

~Walls of the heart are forming

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  1. Congratulations from Andy, Kelsey, Drew, and Baby Q2!


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