Monday, August 9, 2010

While Daddy was at work...

Makenzie and I hung out at home. Then My sister wanted us to come by to check her new house out. We enjoyed our visit with her. Makenzie just loves spending time with her auntie. All she does is smile and laugh when she is with her.
When we got home, we took an hour nap or so, and we woke up to a nice suprise of Chris home for lunch. We spent some time with him and visited. While Chris was home for lunch, I gave Makenzie Sweet Potatoes. At first she made this weird but really cute face. After the first few spoon fulls she actually really enjoyed them, which is a plus.
After eating sweet potatoes, and finishing a bottle. We spent a few more minutes with Chris and then he had to go.. :(
While Makenzie was up for awhile she played in her bouncy and had a great time..

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