Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Days Off...

On our days off this week, we kept pretty busy but it was very relaxing. Starting on Wednesday, we went to Northwest Health Careers to sign me up for school. I'm going to school for Medical Insurance Billing and Coding. Its all self-paced, so I can do as much as I want at a time. Every Saturday, I will have to go in and do hands on practicum. I will actually be working on real Medical Billing, which is way exciting. After we left the school and signed up, we went and visited with My Best Friend Lacie. We love spending time with her. After we left Lacie's, we went to Best Buy and bought a few things. We bought a brand HP Laptop, HP Printer, bag for the laptop, ink and I think that was it. When we left Best Buy, we came right home and relaxed for the rest of the night. I made a Beef Taco Skillet, and we watched Harry Potter.

On Thursday, Chris went to his shift bid for work. He will be working the same shift but his new days off will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday's. When he got back from his shift bid, we went shopping. We went to Target for diapers, baby wipes, and many other things. Then we went to Smith's. We saved soo much money. We only buy items that are on sale and then on top of that we use coupons. When we went grocery shopping this week, we saved between $30 to $40. And only spent $30... :)

After we got everything home and put away. I started reading for school and started doing my homework. Once I got half way through it, Chris and I went to my parents to drop off Makenzie, and we went on our date night.

For date night, we went to Black Mtn Golf Course and went to the driving range.

For dinner, we went to Bufflo Wild Wings, and then we came back home and went swimming for a little bit. We had an amazing time just the two of us. It was good to get away and be us again for a few hours. Of course we missed our little girl.

Today, We took Makenzie to the doctors. She has been spitting up a lot again, and we thought she might be allergic to carrots. So we talk to the doctor and he wanted us to change her formula to a Soy based formula. And later, I found out I was actually on a Soy Based Formula when I was a baby. With the carrots, he does not want us to give them to her, and only give her veggies that are above ground grown veggies. (Try saying that three times While we were at the doctors, we got Makenzie's ears pierced. It was sad when she was getting it done. I was holding her and feeding her to keep her some what distracted, and when they pierced the left ear so got so tight, would not move, and she let the louds scream Ive ever heard coming from her. It was so sad but she looks soo cute now. Well even more beautiful than before. After we got done with the doctors, we headed home and I got the rest of my homework done. Then we had an amazing lunch with My Best Friend Lacie, Her Fiance Justin, Mama (Lacie's Mom) and T ( Lacie's Dad). We went to Memphis BBQ. It was an amazing time of catching up, and some great food. If you ever go to the Memphis BBQ off of Warm Springs and Eastern, ask for Claudine. She is an amazing server. Here are a few pictures from lunch....Papa T and Makenzie

Makenzie trying to eat Mamawe Finger...

Getting loves from Mamawe...

All in all it was amazing three days off..We are diffently looking forward to our next few days off...

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