Sunday, July 25, 2010


On Saturday, was the first official day that Makenzie started teething. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, grabbing her ears, running a high fever, spitting like crazy..her shirt was soaking wet. Before all of this happened, we went over to my dads house to visit and have dinner with them. Well Chris texted me saying that he was coming home for lunch. So I ran home for a bit to see him, but I left Makenzie with my dad so he can play with her. When I got back to my dads from being with Chris, as I'm walking through the door I hear her screaming and not calming down.. So I hurried down the hall to see what was going on. She was laying on my parents bed, not wanting her bottle, running a fever, and I could tell that she was soo sleepy. My parents gave her the teething tablets that I had boughten her, and the baby pain relief. Once I got her in the car seat and in the car, she was out cold. She did not wake up for about 30 or so minutes.
When she woke up, she started screaming again. So I thought I would try and feed her because she did not eat anything for almost four hours at this point. She ended up eating, and then getting upset again. She would fall asleep then the moment I moved away from her she would wake up and scream again. This made it for a very long night, I was not able to do my workout, I was not able to get anything I needed to do.. I felt so bad for her.

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