Thursday, June 24, 2010

Follow Up

Yesterday, Thursday, we had a follow up doctor's appointment for Makenzie. We took her to the doctor's last week because I was really concerned about her spitting up. Her doctor said that she has acid reflux, basically what acid reflux is that her esophagus is not fully developed yet. So her doctor asked us to feed her sitting more in an up right position, not to lay her flat on her back unless we are changing her diaper. Her doctor also wanted us to starting feeding her rice cereal even more than we have. So for every oz of formula we give her, we have to give her a teaspoon of rice cereal. From doing this for a week now, she is 80% to 90% better. So barely spits up, if she does its one or two times a day. Thank God...LoL! She is also gaining weight like crazy with having rice cereal in every bottle. She now weighs 17 pounds and she is 25 1/2 inches long. When she reaches four months old, we can start her on solids. Her doctor wants us to start her on yellow veggies...These next few months are going to be a fun age! Chris and I are definitely looking forward to this.

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