Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Beginning of Something Beautiful....

Hello All..
Chris and I would like to tell the story on how we met..So here it goes...

The Beginning of Something Beautiful...
I met Ashley Nichol (Nill) Gerhardt on Saturday August 30th of 2008 before the UNLV football game. My Best Friend, Daniel Medrano, accidently introduce Ashley to me that night. Daniel and Ashley are childhood best friends. Daniel came and picked me up that night from my condo, and I saw Ashley sitting in the front seat of his truck. My thoughts were, “who is this hot blond?”.
When I got into the truck; Daniel introduced all of us. This was the start to asking Ashley question after question until she was wore out.After the game, we all went bowling at the Wildhorse Bowling Ally. Come to find out, Ashley is very good at sports, and needless to say Ashley kicked my butt at bowling. I always promised myself I would wait at least one year after meeting someone before I would ask them if they wanted to marry me. So, on our one year anniversary, August 30th, 2009, I proposed to her during a photo shoot, disguised as a one year anniversary surprise gift and invited both our immediate families and best friends there to witness it (and to throw rose pedals and take pictures with the two photographers while I proposed on one knee). Brad and Nyla Gerhardt, Victor and Sheri Nill, Brent and Laurie Wagner, Christina Cook, Brittany Nill, and Joe were there to show their support. She said, “yes!” before I could say, “…marry me?”
Then, we found out two weeks later, early September 2009, that Ashley has been pregnant since June 2009 (Already like 12-14 weeks pregnant) and we never even knew; she never had morning sickness or mood swings, but fortunately, she rarely drank. Needless to say, I went on Google and Amazon immediately and attempted to ‘catch up’ on the past three months of pregnancy and ‘read up’ on the next 18+ years of parenthood. =)
Then we found out when the baby was due, March 30th of 2010. So, because Ashley had limited insurance and we were planning on getting married in late May 2010 anyway, we went to the courthouse on Thursday, October 15th 2009 and a good family friend, Honorable Judge Burr married us as recognized by the state and witnessed by Ashley’s mom, step-dad, and grandma, photographer courtesy of Brittany Nill, Thanks Britt-ers.
Now, Ashley and the lil’ baby has full insurance coverage. We are still going to have a wedding to get married as recognized by God and the church, but on a later date, May 30th 2010 at Mandalay Bay beach during the sunset at around 8:00pm. We just sent out the invitation cards to 200 of our closest friends (i.e., you). For those who cannot make it, we will have receptions at the Black Mountain Golf Course in Henderson, Nevada on May 30th from 9:00pm to 1:00am as well as the Interlaken Country Club in Fairmont, Minnesota on June 12th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm where we will play videography and photography of the wedding and reception (as well as some from the honeymoon in Cancun)… And now, back to the story…
On October 27th 2009, we went to the OBGYN and found out we are having a baby girl, our little princess, named Makenzie Nichole Gerhardt. The technician during the ultrasound recorded her size as 6 inches and 8 ounces (we thought Ashley was 16-18 weeks along, but the baby is 20 weeks along in size) and had all 10 toes and fingers and a strong/healthy heart.
In conclusion, its been quite the 18 months.
I graduated from UMD, one week later moved to Las Vegas by myself where I got a job and finished probation on Christmas Eve 2009 , I rekindled a friendship with former rival Wade Blazkejak for GHEC who also lived and worked as a Sheepdog in Las Vegas, adopted two kittens Chardonnay and Cleopatra who are sisters born on Valentine’s day of 2009, was blessed by finding Ashley and her marrying me, became a member of Central Christian and was re-baptized, closed and moved into our Condo, purchased lake property in Minnesota, had a beautiful baby girl named Makenzie Nichole who already melted my heart and changed my life forever, and will look to the future with a blessed life, blessed baby girl Makenzie Nichole, and my soul mate Ashley Nichol.
Again, it happens so quickly… in 18 months, I graduated from college, moved to Vegas, met my wife, got a job in my collegiate career field, passed probation, got married, had a healthy beautiful baby girl, and bought a condominium as well as lake property in Minnesota!
The future holds for it many suprises; hopefully they include, but are not limited to, going back to school, becoming a Holistic Life and Wellness Coach, starting our own Spa and Wellness Center, and having a larger family!

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