Monday, April 30, 2012

Family Update

Wow, it sure has been forever and sometime since I have blogged. A lot has happened since the last time I wrote on here. So I'm going to do a quick little update on everything.

 -- Many Great opportunities have been put in his path. He/We are definitely looking forward to our future.
-- He plans on going back to school starting in July. He wants to get his masters now. Crazy Boy but very proud of him.
-- He is dieting and working out on a daily basis now. He is definitely looking mighty fine. =]

-- I'm no longer working at the billing office that I had my externship at. I'm currently a stay at home mama until the middle of May. I was offered a part time job with the kids pediatrician. =] Which means, that we will not have to put the kids in preschool anymore. Saving $1200 a month and I wont be spending $200 in gas a month to get to work every day. So we definitely have scored in savings with an extra $1400 a month. =]
-- I am also dieting and working out. Soo close to my prepregnancy weight. So I am very excited about that.

--Just turned Two in March. We had a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party for her.
--She is soo in love with Minnie Mouse. We are sure looking forward to our trip to Disneyland in September.
-- She has been having many ear infections since the beginning of the year. So this past Thursday, We had to have tubes put in her ears. I was completely okay with her getting the procedure but I was not okay with her getting completely put under even though it was for literally 5 or so minutes. After the surgery she slept for a good 4 hours when we got home.  When she woke up, she was a totally different person. Her voice is so much clearer.
-- Speaking of voice, she knows about 300 words if not more.
-- We are still working on the potty training. She knows when she has to go and she can usually hold long enough to tell us that she has to go. So we hurry and run to the bathroom. We did get her some training panties. She has been wearing them around the house. I work on having her go potty every 15 to 30 minutes just so she can get in the habit of going and recognizing that she has to go. It really seems to be working. We have not let her wear her training panties out of the house just yet, just because we want her to get in the habit still at home. But I think we are getting very close.
The Marker won the Battle

-- He has 4 teeth now. Chris seems to think that he does not have any other teeth other than the 4 that he has. But I can see the other LiL teeth coming in.
--He is officially ONE years old. I can not believe my baby is a year old already.
My handsome LiL Man!

--He also has been battling a few flu's. Every time the wind blows or he gets a little cold... he gets croup. Luckily, I have the breathing treatments that I can give to him on a daily basis if needed. Today, I took him in to the doctors because he has been running a little fever off and on over the weekend, plus he has been very croupy. So I figured it would not hurt to take him in. We got him in and his doctors are starting to think that he has asthma. However, he is to LiL to be tested for it. But he is matching up to all the requirements to have asthma such as: Does it flare when it is windy outside?...yes! When he starts to get a LiL cold does it end up to being a barking seal cough?...yes!
Does it get worse when he is outside or inside?...Outside when all the plants are at bloom. and there were many more questions that she asked me. So he is not fully diagnosed with asthma yet but  its starting to sound like he has it.  They did give him some medicine that he has to take everyday. =[
--On a happy note, he is trying soo hard to walk. He really wants to keep up with his sister.

**Things that we are looking forward too*
--Heading to Cali in just a week to spend time with my dad and step mama.
--In June, We are heading to Oregon for a Gerhardt gathering.
--September, we are going to Disneyland. It will be the kids first trip to Disneyland.
--December, take a trip to Minnesota for a Gerhardt Christmas.

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