Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Anniversary Day...

Chris and I celebrated our first Wedding Anniversary this past Monday!

....Chris got off of work at Midnight on Sunday night. He came home, told me to go to our bedroom, and get something to put over my eyes so I could not see anything. So, I followed direction, grabbed a black tank top put it over my eyes, and sat on our bed to
wait for him to come grab me.

....Chris came in, put on my slippers, walked me to the front door and lead me outside. He had me sit on something cold and hard. I first asked him "what am I sitting on?" he just laughed. He then said I could take off the shirt over my eyes.

....What I found was a cute little patio set with two wine glasses, a candle, and a gift bagged.
(yes, my hubby is very romantic...and I love it)

....He then handed me the gift bag! It was from Jared's Jeweler! (Before I continue, I would like to say that Chris and I had come to an agreement that we would do homemade gifts...with that being said...) So I opened the bag and there was a ring box. I opened it up and there was my anniversary band. He also said a few things that made me tear up!
I do have to say that this was way better than a homemade gift! =)

....Here is what my ring looks like now =)

....After we had a few more sips of our yummy wine, we headed back inside to make some yummy food. As the food was making, I gave him my gift (and yes it was

I found this idea off of The Dating Diva's...
the website to create the design is...Wordle
(great for cards, gifts, or anything you want to do with it)

....After we ate, we headed to bed because we knew our two little ones will be waking up shortly. We all woke up around 8 or so. We had breakfast, took the little ones for a nice morning walk, and by the time we got back, they wanted to go down for a nap.
Chris and I were still exhausted so we went down for a nap. We all woke up around 11,
quickly got ready to drop the little ones off at my moms house for the day.
(Thank You Mama and Step Daddy, Daddy and Step Mama for watching the kids for us)

....We dropped them off at Grandma and Grandpa Wagner's. Once we left my parents house, we headed back home and headed to the pool. It was soo relaxing to just lay out by the pool without having to worry about Kenzie. Chris and I were able to go into the pool together, layout together. It was soo nice!!

....Being at the pool for about an hour and a half, we started getting really hungry.
So we decided to head to Bacci Burger. So yummy!

....Then we went to the movies to see the New Pirates of the Caribbean (great movie)

....After our amazing, and relaxing day, we headed to my dads to pick up the little ones!!
We definitely did miss our kids =)

...We had such an amazing day spending it with just the two of us.
That we forgot to take pictures of our day.


  1. Wow - it sounds like you have quite a man! Your rings are gorgeous. Love all the other sweet touches of your sweet day.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love your ring lady!!! :)

    Following back, thanks for stopping by!


  3. Sounds like you had a great anniversary!!!


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