Saturday, June 4, 2011

Eight Weeks Old

Dear Kayden (Our LiL' Man),
Where has these last 8 weeks gone? I can not believe our
you are already this old!!!
I remember bring you home from the hospital for the very first time, and how scared Daddy and I were to bring you home. We were really not sure what to expected having you and your sister home together. It was a bit of a challenge but I think that we figured it out. =)

What have you been up too??
*You are growing like a weed. You are definitely filling out very nicely!
I want to guess that you are weighing around 13 pounds...
Yes Definitely a Chunky Monkey!!

*You are eating 4oz bottles and there are times were you
want 2 more oz after your 4oz bottles. We are bottle feeding you now.
You seem to be taking it just fine. You are not spitting it up at all...Thank God =)

* You are wearing 3 to 6 month clothes!

*You are sleeping 6 1/2 hours a night..Thank You for sleeping that long! =)

*You are holding your head up so well. There are times where it gets a little shaky,
but other than that your doing great.

*When you are laying flat on your back, you are trying to turn to your side!!

*You NO LONGER have that horrible butt rash
(it took about 6 weeks of your life to get rid of it)
We went to a new Dr. and she prescribed you a butt cream called "Dr. Joe Butt"
(amazing stuff if your child has a horrible rash this will get rid of it)

*You make these cute little Koo's now!

What you LOVE?
*You LOVE to eat!!
*You LOVE being held by Mommy and Daddy
*You LOVE being talked too
*You LOVE when Sissy gives you kisses on your check...
and yes it melts Mommy and Daddy's heart!
*You LOVE car and stroller rides
*You LOVE the outdoors!
*You LOVE your swing and bouncer

What you Look like?
*You still have really dark hair on the back of your head
but on the top of your head it seems to be turning into a light brown if not blond.
*You have beautiful blue eyes
*The cutest smile
*You are very LOOONNNGGG!
You are definitely are going to
be tall like your Mommy

We Love you soo much buddy! We are looking forward to the upcoming month to
see what that has in store for your growth's and developments!

Love always and forever,
Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy


  1. He's just too cute!

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  2. He is sooooo stinkin' cute!
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  3. Aw, this is such a sweet letter to your little man! I just did a similar post tonight about our youngest, who will be three soon. I cannot believe her baby years are almost behind her. It goes by so quickly!

    I'm a new follower of your blog - saw your link on the Super Stalker Sunday Blog Hop :)

    They All Call Me Mom

  4. You have a beautiful baby. I'm so happy for you. I'm following from Super Stalker Sunday.

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  7. Nice to meet you on the blog hop. Congratulations on your lovely growing family. I will be back for more visits as I watch them grow with you!

  8. Aw, what a cutie!! I love the last picture, his eyes are so blue! I'm a new follower from the Super Stalker hop!
    Pretty Opinionated

  9. hahaha I love the "I live with my parent shirt" it is too cute.
    Enjoy every moment with your little man they grow up too fast - mine is 11 months now!

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  10. Wow....8 weeks old and he's wearing 3-6 month clothes?

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