Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa Roy!!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!
I hope you are able to have an amazing birthday! I wish we could celebrate with you down here but we will celebrate your birthday in spirit. I love you and miss you soo much grandpa!

Everyone in my family that I would have Kayden around my grandpa's birthday. My actual due date was May 1st. That is another reason why Kayden has my grandpa's name in his middle name. It would have been really cool if I had him on my grandpa's birthday but I don't think I could have lasted that long. lol!!

So I just want to say Happy Birthday Grandpa! You are truly missed! If Heaven was not so fair away and I was able to drive there for a day to visit you. I would do it every day, that way you could meet Christopher, and your two great grandchildren Makenzie and Kayden!!

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  1. Your song brought tears to my eyes. I lost both my parents on the same day due to heart failure. It's a beautiful love story I have posted on my blog under My Family tab. So often I wish I could just have a little visit with them...
    Thanks for following.
    Becky Jane


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