Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 14: Favorite Vacation

My Favorite Vacation...
This is really hard because all My Vacations are all amazing no matter what the circumstances are. So this is really hard to narrow down to one. So that being said, I'm going to do my top three memorable Vacations that had the most impacted on me.

...Camping Trip...
When My Parents were still together, we would take a camping trip to northern California every August before school would start. The last time we went on a camping trip was right before I was going into High School, which would be in 2002. It was an amazing trip. My Parents were still together, My Grandpa Gary was healthy and a live still, I had my best friend Lacie there, and My sister had her best friend Kelly there. This trip was very memorable to me because I can honestly can say that I was grounded on a vacation trip. (I know, Sounds horrible huh? but this is what happen) Us four girls met some boys around the camp ground, and we would talk to them through these walkie talkie's that we had. Well lets just say that my dad over heard the guys talking to each other about what they wanted to do to us girls. My dad did not want that to happen to us girls so he grounded us to the camp ground. We were not allowed to go any where but the general store or without the parents or someone from our camp.

...Death Valley Trip...
My Grandpa and Grandma Hilts took My Cousin Geoff, My Sister, and Myself to Death Valley with them over our Spring Break. We would have Easter Egg Hunts around our camp, that was a lot of fun. During the day, we would travel around looking at Flowers, Cactus, and the history that was down there. There was one thing that I remember the most from this trip was when the winds got up to 60mph and we were sitting in a camper. The camper starting rocking side to side (yes, very scary) So my grandpa being the amazing Christian he is, started praying to God, asking God to keep us safe, and asking God to slow down the winds. No lie, the winds stop within 10 minutes. I want to believe that God had something to do with it, or the wind just really stopped on its own. But I want to believe that God did that. This trip made me become a true believer of God.

When Chris and I first got together, he always talked about his home town. I was really interested in going out there to see what all the fuss was about. LoL Well I happened to experience my first Minnesota trip was in the smack middle of winter. We were actually surprising his parents, the only ones that knew were coming out were his brother Scott and Stephanie. Scott and Stephanie picked us up from the airport and then we head to Fairmont. Nyla (Chris' Mom), was home and had no idea we were in the kitchen. She walked in the kitchen and saw us standing there. Her facial expression was priceless!! Brad (Chris' Dad) just got home from work and had no idea we were there. I loved surprising them, they are such loving and caring people. I just love being around them. My most memorable of this trip was meeting Chris' entire family at the Gerhardt's Christmas, and then seeing where he grew up. This trip I realized that I was in love with Christopher.

Those were My Three Favorite Vacations and the most impacting trips that I had in my life.

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