Friday, May 20, 2011

14 Months Old

Dear Makenzie,
You are 14 months old today and I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by. I still remember giving birth to you and the first time Mommy and daddy brought you home. Now you are a little person running around, playing on your own, feeding yourself, talking away. Today is a nice warm and sunny May day. This morning, Daddy and I played with you, we went for a morning walk (which you LOVE to do) then we all took a nap for a few hours.

What you Look Like...
Everyone says that you are a mini mommy! You have beautiful blue eyes, blond hair, long legs, and a cute smile to die for. I'm not to sure how much you way now but you when we took you to the doctors about two weeks ago, you were weighing in at 28 lbs. I want to say that you are 30 inches tall now.

Your interests...
You love to play with all your toys especially your new princess dolls, your pink and purple blocks, and of course Violet. Violet goes everywhere with us. You definitely an outside kind of girl. Any chance you get you want to be outside. You also love to steal mommy and daddy's phones to talk on. You love being thrown up in the air and doing flips with mommy!

Sisterly~Brotherly Love...
You love your brother so much. You are always trying to touch him, cuddle with him and even play with him. You are such a great helper. Thank you for helping mommy and daddy with bring Kayden's pacifier and bottle that are on the couch to us.

What you been up too...
You are talking up a storm now. The newest words you say and they are super cute are...
*aden (Kayden)
You are trying to say 'I Love You' Mommy is sure trying to work with you on that!!
You love to walk than be carried anywhere, which we try to let you walk as much as possible but not in busy places.
Trying new foods, and of course loving every single one of them. I don't think there is one kind of food that you do not like. I'm sure this will change. The one thing that we are thankful for when it comes to you eating is, you love your fruits and veggies. You will eat all your fruits and veggies before anything else that is on your plate! =)

We love You Princess!!
Mommy, Daddy and Brother


  1. What adorable pics! Found you through the blog hop. Following you now. =)

  2. I love these letters that people do for their kids!! Too cute! And so sweet!


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