Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Past Two Weeks....

The past Two Weeks we have been super busy. I can't believe that I did not even Blog about Thanksgiving!
So here it goes...
The week of Thanksgiving we had so much going on.
Before I go into this blog..I would like to ask, what is everyone Thankful for?
I'm Thankful many things:
~My amazing husband! I seriously do not know what I would do without him.
~Our Beautiful Healthy Baby Girl! I love how you bring us so much joy in your daddy's and mommy's lives!!
~Our Family! Thank you for supporting us in everything we do, even if you think we are crazy!
~Our health! I'm so grateful that we are all so very healthy, even though this pregnancy has been a tough one for me but I'm thankful for bringing in another miracle into this world!
~Our Friends!! Thank you for the amazing conversation, the laughs, and the memories!

On Monday, November 22nd, Our Best Friends got married! We went to the Court house in Henderson, and the Judge that Married them was the Judge that Married Chris and I. I'm sooo very happy for them. Congrats Daniel and Lyndsey! We love you!! After the ceremony, we headed over to Daniel's Parents house (Rudy and Samantha) to celebrate. There was soo much food and it was soo amazing as well!!

On Tuesday, November 23rd, Chris and I made our first Thanksgiving Dinner in Our Condo, and for 9 people. Chris put the turkey in earlier that morning, and I went shopping at Carter's with Mrs. Medrano! Carter's was having their Black Friday sale all week long, and I had to be at work on Friday. So why not go spend a little money on Makenzie! When we got back to the house Daniel and Chris were hanging out with Ms. Makenzie; making her laugh, playing, and having a good ol' time! Later, that day the turkey was about done and we started to make all the yummy sides. We made stuffing, green bean casserole, warmed up the cranberry sauce, red potatoes, and toast the rolls. I had so much fun making dinner. After we eat dinner, we played a few rounds of Catch Phrase, and then we moved onto a game of Spoons.. =D

On Wednesday, November 24th, We took Makenzie to see Santa for the first time. She wasn't really sure who this jolly man was. She was trying to figure him out for a little while, and once she did, she started crying. I was very proud of her for not crying until the very end.

On Thursday, November 25th, was Thanksgiving. We woke up about 830am and ate breakfast while we watched the Macy's Parade. This was the first time I actually watched the Parade in some odd! After the parade was over, we headed over to my dads for Thanksgiving. We watched some football, had some laughs, and ate some food. After we ate with them, we headed over to Samantha and Rudy's house for another dinner. It sure was yummy! We sat by the fire for a bit, watched some football , and enjoyed every one's company.
~You know the expression "Gobble until you Wobble" well we diffidently were wobbling by the time we were walking through our door at home. lol After we relaxed for a few, we decided that we wanted to start decorating for Christmas. We were/are in the Christmas spirit. So we turned on some Christmas music and started putting the tree up. Makenzie loved seeing all the colors and all the pretty things that go with Decorating. I think that we are going to start a tradition with the LiL Gerhardts! I think we will be decorating every year for Christmas the night of Thanksgiving!

** We sure did eat some great food that Week!

The following week, Chris and I have deceided that we need to start Christmas shopping since we are leaving for Minnesota on the 6th =D So when I got off work on Monday, we made our list of everything we wanted to buy for everyone, and we went out and bought everything. So I would like to say proudly, that I am done Christmas Shopping and it is only December 5th. Also, I would also like to mention that the majority of them are wrapped and under our Christmas Tree! =D

Now that we are done Christmas shopping, and wrapping all the gifts. We are starting to pack for our big adventure tomorrow. This will be Makenzie first time in the snow as well as in temperature's that are in the Teens and maybe in the negatives. I hope she can handle it, as well as myself! So in the future upcoming blogs will be about our Adventure to Minnesota! Until then have a great week!

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