Thursday, December 23, 2010

MeRrY cHrIsTmAs!!!

This Christmas was Makenzie's FIRST Christmas!! and we sure did celebrate it many different times. She is definitely a pro at unwrapping presents.

~We start our Christmas celebration in Minnesota with Nanni and Bumpa. This was the first time Makenzie ever unwrapped presents. She sure does love unwrapping presents. Nanni and Bumpa got her some pretty cute things. Thank You soo much, she loves playing with her dolly and she is still trying to figure out the stroller.

~When we got back from Minnesota, We celebrated Christmas with the Medrano's & Pringle's. Daniel made a big pot of his delicious Chili, we watched the Vikings game, opened presents, and enjoyed every one's company. Thank you so much for all of the presents. Makenzie loves holding her Christmas bell and loves playing with her musical seahorse. I cant wait to get picture in the picture frame that the Pringle's gave us. I just have to wait until Kayden gets here so I can put it up! =D

~The following day, we had Christmas with My Mom, Step Dad, Brittany, Joe, Uncle Steve, Aunt Diana, and Grandma Nancy, The reason we had this Christmas so early was because My Mom and Step Dad were heading to San Diego on Thursday before Christmas Eve. We had a nice Christmas Dinner, we opened presents, ate some yummy desserts, and enjoyed every one's company. Thank you Mom and Step Dad for my Kindle and Chris LOVES the Shark Steamer that you got us. Makenzie loves her toy that she can push around and even sit on it for a ride. Brittany, Kenzie loves her shirt you made her. She looks soo cute in it!

~The night before Christmas Eve, Chris had to work and I thought I could do something cute and fun for him. So I decided to do an Reindeer Frolic date night when he got off work. (I got this idea from a blog that I follow...Dating Diva's) I had a sign on the door for him when he got home, a blanket layed out with Candles, two wine glasses, and 4 tins with little sayings on them. After we went through each tin, we decided that we would open our presents from each other (since technically it was Christmas Eve Morning). That way Christmas Morning would be all about Makenzie. After we opened our presents, we took a nice bubble bath with this amazing bubble bath soap that Chris got for me.

~Christmas Eve was really different for me. My family was not all together, I did not have my mom there, and Chris had to work that night. My sister, Makenzie and I went to the Christmas service at our church, and then we headed over to my Grandma's for Christmas Eve dinner. Dinner was amazing, and I was glad that I got to see some of my family there. The best part of that whole night was seeing Chris on his lunch break. He was able to come by and have dinner with us. After dinner, we opened presents, Makenzie was given a gift from her Great Grandma Nancy, She gave her a dolly. Makenzie loves playing with her, she lights up and everything. When we got home from Grandma's house, we got ready for Santa to come that night.

~Christmas Morning, Makenzie woke up about 8 that morning--I know Merry Christmas to Chris and! Chris went in to get her, we all came out to the living room and saw that Santa brought her a really cute musical toy. Whatever she touches on it makes a noise. She is really into things that makes noise right now. Also, if you flip it upside down, she can play with all different types of blocks, they kind of remind me of Lego's.
After Makenzie opened all her Christmas presents, we got ready to go over to my dad and step moms house for breakfast, then we opened up all the presents. My dad and step mom bought Chris and I Keurig for Christmas. I've been wanting one of these for the longest time. Makenzie got a praying bear, and much more.

Merry Christmas from the Lil Gerhardts!!!

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