Saturday, November 20, 2010

8 Months!!

I know its very hard to believe that Makenzie is 8 months already. She wont have another doctors appointment until she is 9 months old. I'm really curious on how much she weighs. She does look like she is either slimming down a bit or she is just getting taller.

So what is Ms. Makenzie up too this Month;

* Full on crawling (and she is pretty fast)

*Sitting up all by herself

*She is able to be in an upright position, and go right into her crawling.

*able to eat many different types of things, such as yogurt, mash potatoes, french fries, bread, mac n cheese, her meats baby food and many different things.

*working on pulling herself into a standing position (now that she has her crawling down, now she wants to start standing...

*She does not have her baby bath anymore, she upgraded to a rubber ducky bath with lots of new bath toys

*She has three teeth now, and I believe the fourth one is on its way!!

*Loves to speak her mind, just like her daddy!!

She is growing up way to fast, I want it to stop but we are loving every moment we get with her!!

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