Sunday, September 26, 2010

9 WeEkS

I have reached the 9 weeks mark today...
I'm feeling more and more pregnant everyday..
The past few nights I have been tossing and turning..I can not get comfortable at all, which could explain why I have not been well rested lately!
The Baby has been developing a lot this past week:
~about an inch long and weighs about an ounce. The baby is the size of a grape
~ the baby's heart is finishing into dividing into 4 chambers
~the value are forming as well as the baby's tiny teeth
~the tail is completely gone
~organs, muscles, and nerves have kicked into gear
~eyes are fully formed but they will not open until 27 weeks
~tiny earlobes,mouth, nose, nostrils are more distinct
~the placenta is developed enough now to produce most of the hormones

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